Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Cambodia 2017


A big welcome from Cambodia - a trip that I've been looking forward to since I've applied for Global Village and it turned out to be just beyond awesome. Never did I expect it would be that rewarding because I don't always put much expectation on everything I guess, so things just come naturally. Either good or bad, I should learn to accept and deal with it.

From the beginning, we had done some fundraising activities like accepting donations online via Tilt, selling chocolates and having bake sales. Thanks to Arc who sponsored the chocolates for us to raise fund with zero initial cost, we could sell as much as we could to hit the $800 donation target. For the bake sale, we set up a booth outside the main library and sold muffins, cakes, cookies and etc. Although the money earned wasn't a lot, I managed to get $300 after dividing our lump sum donation, while my friends who consistently sold many boxes of chocolate got $500. It's actually achievable if you tried hard enough to reach the target. So people like me need to get money out of my pocket because I didn't sell hard enough, that's why I went broke after this opps. (I even asked myself why did I sign up in the first place, it's a lot of money.. but I don't regret at all now because I know every cent is well spent by Restore One and glad that I contributed some to them!)

At the same time, we had to get our medical check up done like injecting Hep A, Hep B, Tetanus, Rubella and Malaria or get the pills from chemist. Lastly, I bought my insurance, air ticket and exchanged currency and I am ready to go! (So much hassle right)

And the story begins ...

 My first meal in Restore One cafe - always love Vietnamese noodle (right? Vietnamese noodles)

 Super good as well, in love with pumpkin soup! Do not underestimate the bun because it was super good as well! with cheese in between woots

 The squad (Y)

Forgot to mention that we travelled for a week and volunteered for a week. So fun + work = balance trip πŸ™Œ. It's so nice, isn't it! Totally worth my money hahaha

 Tuk tuks πŸ’¨πŸ’¨

 My bestie in the trip, meet 薛雨!A very charming girl from ι•Ώζ±Ÿ 😊

Central Market in Phnom Penh - USD2 for a flowy thin pants! (But i tore it apart accidentally on my first day of work πŸ˜‘)

ft. James Wang and Xue Yu
Our durian ice cream melted within seconds and I had no choice but to throw mine before finishing because I was just too slow for ice cream 😡

 123456789 here we gooo

Killing field was just devastating.. I didnt know inside this building were skulls :/

We had this small activity at night whereby we picked someone randomly from a pile of paper and had to get him/her a nice outfit for the night, and not spending over $10. I like the idea very much though, it's simple, fun and interesting πŸ˜‰

 Spot the guys haha

Had this chocolate mousse in Restore One and it was super good! With a bit of lime, it blended so well with the chocolate.

 Women empowerment πŸ’ͺ

Love this!

 First two Korean friends Annyeonghaseyo!

Very nice cultural show! It's amazing when I realised how i used to not like all these and find them very boring, but now it's really very interesting with all the cultural performances!

Spot my flabby arm ew ew.

 Done with Phnom Penh and finally started with our volunteer journey! This was the guesthouse in the village - Kampong Thom Province. It's just too good isnt it? 😱 We even had aircond.

 Guesthouse overview

Home cooked Cambodian curry!! Super in love with them because I loveee Kaffir or lemongrass 😍

Classroom done by other volunteers πŸ‘

 Bike challenge was so funnnn despite of the burningly hot weather. It's super good to have a straight road all the way covered with greeneries, cows, people, trucks and etc. We rode for 8km and this is how the kids go to and fro school everyday.

 And we played a lot of dumb and lame games like this ^
"The sun, the sun; the moon, the moon; shines so bright, all the time"

 Building!! a classroommm

 empty and windy

 Where we had our lunch after building the classroom.

 andd we went to primary school to teach the kids with some basic English like ABC, months, and read story books with them πŸ‘

 This was Year 1 student haha we were singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ✨

And they gave us flowers! how sweet was that 🌸🌹🌷🌺🌻🌼


Random dancing session with them and they were having so much fun! Good job kids πŸ‘

We're finally done!

 Proud of ourselves! 2.5 days, I had a wonderful team πŸ’ͺ

Pre-school kids 😁

Guess what were we playing? pretty obvious right

First ever school excursion for them and we were honoured to take good care of them! They had so so much fun than ever.

Sorry that I dont have time to update all about my trip, but all in all it was truly amazing and memorable <3